Work required:
The bathroom requires attention, and not just because it's avocado!


Changes to standard configuration:
Full double glazing - January 1992
Fully fitted luxury kitchen - January 1992

Recent improvements:
New immersion heater - July 2002.
Part-boarded loft (middle third) - August 2003

Heating System:
Mains gas supply to the property.   Electricity is on the Economy 7 tariff giving cheap rate electricity between midnight and approx 7.30am GMT.
Water heating :
is by an electric immersion heater on a time switch; with the added benefit of an airing cupboard.
Space heating :
Bathroom - an electric panel heater with timer control.
Living room - fitted gas fire.  Background heat to the living areas and bedrooms is supplied by passive solar heating to the main south-facing wall.

Dream on...
There is 9' at the side of the house that could be used for an extension. Click here to see floorplans showing the third bedroom with en suite bathroom.

The patio doors do not open.  They are locked shut at present, but the locking mechanism is beyond repair. There is space outside for a modest conservatory ...